Louis Frank Leo, IV

Louis Leo is a Hoaxer attorney who lost his case against Florida Atlantic University.

A jury found a professor’s termination was not motivated by his controversial blog denying anyone was killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Louis Leo, IV

Louis threw a Hoaxer tantrum calling everyone fake news while spewing conspiracy rhetoric. 

The only Hoax that day was James Tracy’s hair.

James Tracy Hoax

Mr. Leo is posting malicious and defamatory public statements on social

media against victims of mass casualty events.

Mr. Leo is promoting the false rhetoric of an unhinged population of

conspiracy theorists that he shockingly identifies with.  Their collective

mission is to promote these false narratives, which purport that the

shooting was a government perpetrated a hoax against society in order to

promote public support for gun control in America.  They contend that the

shooting victims didn’t really die, or never really existed and that the

families and first responders were “crisis actors” hired by the

government to deceive the public by way of a “false flag hoax”.

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Defamation of Sandy Hook parents, David & Francine Wheeler:

Disparaging and defaming Sandy Hook first responders: