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Is Caleb Payne esquire a Hoaxer if he is representing a Sandy Hook Hoaxer?

Caleb Payne, Esquire has stated that he believes there were crisis actors present at the Pulse Night Club Shooting.
King of the Shill, Justin Harvey

Justin Harvey: Fake Activist?

Justin Harvey might be doing more harm than good. Justin Harvey supports flat earth theories and conspires with Sandy Hook Hoaxers.

Erik Pearson Sandy Hook Hoaxer

Erik Pearson apparently prophetically dubbed himself "Stalker" long before he set his sights on Sandy Hook victims.

Holocaust denier James Fetzer

"I guess Fetzer has learned the old trick that if you repeat lies repeatedly, blog post after blog post, some unsuspecting people might just...

Professor Doom1 Will Always Be a Criminal – MORE DEATH THREATS!

Philip Daniel Craigie Attempts to School HONR and Fails! YouTuber, Doomer & Gloomer turns to threatening behavior... AGAIN. More DEATH THREATS fly out of the Professor's...
Sandy Hook Hoax

Jonathan Reich – Outstanding Warrant – Failure to Appear

Sandy Hook STALKER Runs from the Law HOAXER AND BULLY, JONATHAN REICH, NOW A MISSING PERSON - EVADING POLICE! It is recommended that you do not...

Jonathan Reich is a degenerate Cyber Criminal and harasser that stalks women. WANTED BY...

Jonathan Reich is wanted by the police. If you see Jonathan Reich of New York contact your Police Department.   Of course his father David...
Alison Maynard AKA Sonja Mullerin

Alison Maynard aka Sonja Mullerin lives in San Antonio Texas

Alison Maynard changed her name to Sonja Mullerin of Gainesville, FL Alachua County Clerk Sonja likes to practice law without a license and maintain multiple financial...

Who is Tony Mead ? Sandy Hook Hoaxer EXPOSED!

Most stalkers lurk in the shadows, a brazen few prey on their victims in broad daylight without shame. Meet the owner/operator of Absolute Best Moving...

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Jason Boss 153News.net – Hoaxer and Fake Christian

Jason Boss is a grizzly, grizzled, beefcake Brutus type guy. A fake Christian with a booming voice and banging beard. Jason Boss is that guy who once had two meth labs and sold his meth drugs to some of the weakest people on the planet.