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    • Jonathan Reich is wanted by the police.

    • If you see Jonathan Reich of New York

    • contact your Police Department.  

    Of course his father David Reich is affiliated with the State Senate.  
    Just Like Wolfgang Halbig and his FBI affiliation and other government connections.

    May be found in Walmart if seen with man in blue


    Jonathan Reich is a mentally ill man that has a history is stalking young women.

    5-20-13: Arrested by Avon Police Dept. and released on $50,000 surety bond

    6-5-13:  Arraigned at Hartford Community Court 

    Several continuances as part of the common defense strategy of waiving time and negotiating.

    At no time did the defense revoke their time waiver and insist on a speedy trial, for obvious reasons.

    The defense agreed to delay.

    6-13-14: (approx)  Fails to Appear in Court-  Bail Commissioner Letter Sent  (probably high on drugs)

    7-22-14: Appears and agrees to be placed on Supervised Diversion; waives speedy trial rights

    10-8-15: Files discovery motion requesting Sandy Hook Final Report, among other items  

    10-15-15: Supervised Diversion Terminated. Case transferred to Superior Court- Pretrial Hearing set

    11-25-15:  Fails to appear in court; $100,000 Warrant issued; proceedings suspended.

    Jonathan Reich

    He may be in the company of this man. Do not engage. He may crack.