Felix Pantaleon: criminal and cyber terrorist who slanders and defames innocent people online.

When Felix Pantaleon isn’t HARASSING people on Google+ or YouTube, he is engaging in cyber-harassment using his many domains.

Felix Pantaleon slanders and defames for his own amusement, not for truth.

Cyber bully Felix Pantaleon purchases multiple sites for the sole purpose of cyber bullying and harassing. Listed below are a few of the domain names registered by Pantaleon. This is a small sample of what Pantaleon does – websites where he slanders, sites built for defamation of a person’s character and Pantaleon’s mission to pollute the internet with lies.

Felix Pantaleon

Domain Name / Create Date / Registrar

  • hemankennels.com 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
  • badreviewsremoved.com 2014-04-28 godaddy.com
  • sosiriusb.com 2014-07-29 godaddy.com
  • santinofreda.info 2016-03-12 godaddy.com
  • caliberhitter.com 2016-03-25 godaddy.com
  • keithjohnsonhonrnetwork.info 2016-03-24 godaddy.com
  • leonardpozner.info 2016-03-27 godaddy.com
  • michaelflagg.info 2016-06-20 godaddy.com
  • honrnetwork.info 2017-02-08 godaddy.com
  • natashagebbia.info 2016-01-27 godaddy.com
  • matthewsanborn.info 2016-01-11 godaddy.com
  • dereckgrischy.info 2016-01-11 godaddy.com
  • christophergeroux.com 2015-07-22 godaddy.com
  • johnphelton.com 2015-06-19 godaddy.com
  • sheryltracygamble.com 2015-06-17 godaddy.com
  • ottumwaiowa.us 2015-05-03 (registration services) godaddy.com
  • hollywooddeathfakers.com 2015-03-06 godaddy.com
  • ripoffreportedmagedson.com 2015-02-23 godaddy.com
  • caliberhittingpodcast.com 2014-07-29 godaddy.com
  • felixpantaleon.com 2013-06-24 godaddy.com
  • felixpantaleon.info 2016-02-01 godaddy.com
  • nastynorthnyc.com 2014-03-23 godaddy.com
  • nyynews.com 2013-04-03 godaddy.com

Felix Pantaleon

Screenshots from Felix Pantaleon sites

We took a few screenshots from some Pantaleon web pages.

Felix Pantaleon (Caliberhitter) webpage showing his sick and twisted fascination for Lenny Pozner.
Felix Pantaleon creates multiple websites to stalk and harass Lenny Pozner.

Trojan Virus / IP Fishing / Information Gathering

Here is one of the websites you should concern yourself with when clicking around. Pantaleon’s main page (FELIXPANTALEON.com) is not a secure site.

felixpantaleon.com is laced with trojan viruses and IP fishing software.

Thank goodness most web browsers will block the pages from popping open. Your computer is always at risk and in danger of having information stolen when visiting a website owned and operated by Felix Pantaleon. He will not stop the games. He slanders, defames, harasses and annoys his targets. And not with just one or two websites. We are talking about many, many, many sites on one particular person. Whether it’s Lenny Pozner (along with Pozner’s organization The HONR Network), or a random person Pantaleon has a grudge against… the harassment is relentless, unforgiving and over the top.

And unreal.