Felix Pantaleon is NOT a Sandy Hook Truther.

Caliberhitter aka Felix Pantaleon, Jr. proves once again he is a Sandy Hook Hoaxer.

Truther Wars Community owner continues to MOCK DEAD PUBLIC FIGURES while supporting Wolfgang Halbig and Alex Jones.

On the morning of December 14th, 2012 a lone gunman walked into the Sandy Hook Elementary School and took the world by storm. News stations and social media platforms exploded with reports on the deaths of twenty children and six adults from the sleepy community of Newtown Connecticut. Nearly six years later, Felix Pantaleon, Jr. has made it his mission to be a thorn in the side to many of those who lost loved ones in the school shooting tragedy.

Caliberhitter aka Felix Pantaleon, Jr. from Truther WarsWho exactly is Benny?

“Benny” is the name Felix Pantaleon gave to Lenny Pozner (father of Noah Pozner), one of the few Sandy Hook parents who fights online abuse and fake news dealing with high profile mass tragedies. The fact that Pozner regularly cleans up the internet does not sit well with Felix Pantaleon, Jr. aka Caliberhitter. Pantaleon scours the world wide web daily for information he can find about Pozner’s life. Pantaleon’s targeted harassment on Pozner will be anything from faith/beliefs to pending court cases and everything in between.

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Pantaleon returned to the digital harassment of Pozner once news outlets announced a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Pantaleon averages one post per day over the past five years and not just in Truther Wars. The harassment extends to websites, blogs, other social media platforms and inciting others.

Felix Pantaleon posts in Truther Wars from his Caliberhitter Google+ account.
Caliberhitter AKA Felix Pantaleon, Jr. (owner of the Truther Wars Community on Google+) mocks Lenny Pozner about an upcoming court case.
Caliberhitter aka Felix Pantaleon, Jr. from Truther Wars
Caliberhitter aka Felix Pantaleon, Jr. making a reference to Nazis in an attempt to trigger Jews.

Pantaleon has even made it a point to know the business of Alex Jones’ ex-wife, because of her support for The HONR Network.

Felix Pantaleon makes a MOCKERY of Sandy Hook families on YouTube

Not only does Felix Pantaleon, Jr. post nonsense to the members of his Truther Wars Community on Google+, Pantaleon also creates videos and has websites dedicated to the digital harassment of Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner. A video titled, “The Unauthorized Biography of Sandy Hook’s Lenny Pozner & Honr Network” is exatly that: 100% unauthorized.

Felix Pantaleon website Caliberhitting.com

And of course, a video created in April of 2016… uploaded again two years later. Pantaleon may argue the video is simply a reupload. But was this a response to other mass shootings, as he tagged “parkland shooting” in the description? Not at all. Pantaleon uploaded his support for the Stoneham Douglas High School shooting in Florida one month after the Valentine’s Day tragedy and during Lenny Pozner’s ongoing court battle.

Clearly, Pantaleon sides with Hoaxers Wolfgang Halbig and Alex Jones.

Felix Pantaleon aka Caliberhitter from Truther Wars

Truther Wars Community Posts

A small sample of screenshots by Felix Pantaleon, Jr. The screenshots come from Pantaleon’s Google+ Community, Truther Wars. Pantaleon digitally harasses anyone who  volunteers with The HONR Network or mentions his relationship to Alex Jones.

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