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YouTube Channel owned and operated by New York Yankees “INSIDER” continues to BLINDSIDE parent who lost a son in shooting tragedy.

NYYNEWS aka Felix Pantaleon, Jr. posts messages for others to TARGET a man in a weak attempt to avoid law with 3rd PARTY CONTACT.

In December of 2018, a protection order was granted in favor of Lenny Pozner by the State of Florida against Felix Pantaleon, Jr. to stop the online harassment once and for all. The parent who lost his son to gun violence in 2012 had enough evidence demonstrating years of abusive behavior as Pantaleon, Jr. made it his mission to destroy anything and everything in the name of hoaxing and a deep-seated personal grudge toward anyone who would dare oppose his “free speech.”

Not only did Pozner experience immense pain and suffering to one of the most tragic mass school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012, but he also had to face an onslaught of hate from conspiracy theorists and those who fought alongside these hate speech abusers. And after enduring years of horrific internet trolling, death threats, promises of violence along with relocating numerous times to protect his family, facts were taken into consideration to where a Florida Judge found Pozner was indeed being targeted with unwanted and dangerous online hate. One of the most relentless and vocal internet trolls proved to be Felix Pantaleon, Jr. of Washington Heights, New York.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. – stalking tricks

One of the ways Felix Pantaleon, Jr. avoided video, picture and comment takedowns for so long was by referring to Lenny Pozner as “Benny” – a nickname Pantaleon, Jr. gave to Pozner so he could avoid YouTube and Google algorithms. However, the lawyers, the courts and a Judge on this particular case knew all about these coded jabs. There would be no more talk of Benny, Lenny, Denny, Penny, etc.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. AKA Caliberhitter (CALIBERHITTING NEWS) in 2017.

A small part of the online campaign would end about two weeks ago. Pantaleon, Jr. was visited by his local Police Department… as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Even with these warnings, Pantaleon, Jr. had threatened to use his remaining social networking platforms and hinted at how his ability to reach thousands of people so others can do his bidding would come soon enough.

Faced with the facts of no support and possible jail time, Felix Pantaleon, Jr. eventually agreed to the terms of Pozner’s court protection order and was even forced to remove honrnetwork.info (a hoaxing website) just last week. Pantaleon’s site was a spoof of HONR.com which “brings awareness to the cruelty and criminality of abusive activity that victims and their families are shockingly subjected to following violent mass tragedies like Sandy Hook.” Pantaleon, Jr. took great pride in blogging bogus stories about Pozner and any HONR volunteer he could get information on in hopes of isolating Pozner into submission.

Pantaleon, Jr. had also created countless sock puppet accounts that were eventually removed by YouTube and Google for violating their terms of service. It took Pozner and many volunteers at The HONR Network to undo much of Pantaleon Jr.’s damage over the years. One might imagine this would be enough warning for a person to cease and desist with their bad behavior, to stop the games and move on to something else, other than obsessing over a grieving parent from Sandy Hook Elementary. And for a few shot weeks, that is what Felix Pantaleon, Jr. did. He had created a YouTube Channel to critique the New York Yankees organization, their coaches, players, fans and everything Yankee related… more bad support for a baseball team than good news. Some would say, “trolling the Yankees” while Pantaleon, Jr. refers to his current nonsense as “die hard fanaticism.”

NYYNEWS on YouTube by Felix Pantaleon, Jr.
Felix Pantaleon, Jr.’s YouTube Channel NYYNEWS, created in December of 2016.

Breaking the law with 3rd Party contact

Realistically, there is nobody except Felix Pantaleon, Jr. who would be aware of how many fake accounts remain online… or how many more he is able to create. What Pantaleon, Jr. believes he needs are actual people who share his views. He has been walking a tightrope of internet Hoaxer and free speech advocate for many years. There is an unspoken allegiance he has with conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, Mark Dice, and others. If he could get others to speak out against Pozner, maybe he imagines this will help his cause?

One of the internet Hoaxers Pantaleon, Jr. has recently latched on to (after years of fighting) is James Dale Dowell of San Francisco, California.

James D. keeping it mellow with Modello!

Dowell claimed he had spent some time in the United States Army and came to YouTube as part of The Patriot Movement, advocating for free speech and gun rights. YouTube was going pretty good for Dowell, until it was discovered the U.S. Veteran spent almost 10 years in prison for bank robbery. Dowell quickly made enemies with many YouTubers when he stole their original videos and made money off them by monetizing the content on his Channel. He made tens of thousands of dollars and criticized anyone who challenged his behavior. This caught the attention of Professor Doom1, Montagraph, Agent19 and JennyGirl and Dowell eventually lost his main YouTube Channel. JamesD was practically run off the video sharing site, forced to make friends with many of the YouTubers who embarrassed and humiliated him daily.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. under his main YouTube account (NYYNEWS) violates a restraining order. (December 17th, 2018)

And Felix Pantaleon, Jr. has made nice with the ex-military, ex-convict and Sandy Hook Hoaxer because James Dowell has stated he has “the goods” on Lenny Pozner and will post information if Pozner doesn’t do “this or that” for him.

Dowell has threatened to beat up Pantaleon, Jr. in the past as he raged while drunk. This has been his pattern: rage while drinking then making nice.

YouTube video uploaded by Felix Pantaleon, Jr. about James Dowell under account Covington Pedo. (December 6th, 2017)

3rd Party makes “nice” with Pantaleon, Jr.

Now that Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and James Dowell are friendly with each other, you can bet JamesD. will be posting information about Pozner on behalf of his troll buddy. This is how Dowell intends to get content removed of himself off YouTube, basically, the same deal Dowell made with Agent19 and Montagraph a couple of years ago. James Dowell has posted screenshots of conversations Pozner had in the past to his JamesD. Google+ account, showing off like he had a prize. It’s no wonder, Felix Pantaleon, Jr. recently attempted to recruit the ex-convict by proxy.

Agent19, JamesD. and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. on YouTube's public comments.
Agent19, JamesD. and NYYNEWS all share some public comments on YouTube. (December 17th, 2018)

Looks like the three hardcore trolls have made nice with each other to go after a common enemy… Lenny Pozner. Of course they did. They’re disgusting and imagine themselves running the entire internet.

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