Michael Yury Janitch is the fake, fraud false flagger Dutchsinse!

Michael Yury Janitch is known online as Dutchsinse.

Dutchsinse is a conspiracy theorist and Hoaxer who pushes debunked claims about Sandy Hook.

A YouTube scammer named Michael Yury Janitch has been running around the interwebs as Dutchsinse. Dutchsinse is a fraud who also spreads fear with false earthquake predictions based on his scam pseudoscience.  Michael Yury Janitch likes asking for money and promotes himself as a HAARP expert, despite refusing to reveal any qualifications.



Dutchsinse: hoaxers hoaxing









  1. First of all, really?  You're going with "flat earth? " Dutch absolutely does not believe this,  and he would know the earth is round better than anyone.
    Secondly, his earthquake predictions are NOT false. He predicted an earthquake in Italy last year, and was able to warn people so they were not injured and or killed.
    All the info and facts can be found on his site. If you actually used your head correctly instead of using it to store rocks in, you would know this.