Kathy Halbig

Wolfgang Halbig was given a FREE HOUSE **

$10 for a half Million dollar House?  why is he asking for donations!! https://youtu.be/9P3M830JgpE  Wolfgang Halbig was given a FREE HOUSE in 2010. How do Wolfgang Halbig and Kathy Halbig get a $500,000...

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Real JennyGirl… WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!?

She played HOT POTATO with digital property for months. Before that, she cut her arms up in a desperate attempt for a man's affections. The criminal baby daddy she loves is behind bars and she neglects their kid while spreading conspiracies about child pornography. And how many people wanted to see this troll Jennifer Morrell (aka JennyGirl aka JenniferGirl1978) lose all social networking platforms for attacking Sandy Hook Elementary School victims?