Sandy Hook Hoax

Jonathan Reich – Outstanding Warrant – Failure to Appear

Sandy Hook STALKER Runs from the Law HOAXER AND BULLY, JONATHAN REICH, NOW A MISSING PERSON - EVADING POLICE! It is recommended that you do not attempt to take action against...
Wolfgang Halbig - Hoaxer who harassed Lake County Sheriffs Office

A Criminologist discusses her findings on Wolfgang Halbig

Wolfgang Halbig is the Hoaxer from Florida who refuses to get a grip on reality. A Criminologist discusses her findings on mentally unstable Wolfgang Halbig and all of his lies. Sandy...
Andrew Crumbie - FBI - Connecticut Lawyer

Wolfgang Halbig Attorney Linked to FBI

Why is Wolfgang Halbig working with an Attorney who is linked to the FBI? "Hoax of a Lifetime" Hoaxer makes another strange decision. Wolfgang...
Kathy Halbig

Wolfgang Halbig was given a FREE HOUSE ** in 2010

$10 for a half Million dollar House?  why is he asking for donations!!   Wolfgang Halbig was given a FREE HOUSE in 2010. How do Wolfgang Halbig and Kathy Halbig get a $500,000...

Wolfgang Halbig Harasses Lake County Sheriff’s Office after labeled “Mentally Unstable.”

Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist threatens a lawsuit after Police call him out. Wolfgang Halbig of Florida thinks he is sane when everyone around him knows different. Will shill and con-artist Wolfgang...
Sandy Hook Hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig

Wolfgang won’t answer my questions…

Where is the TRANSPARENCY? 10 simple questions for Sandy Hook Hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig. Internet child stalker CALLED OUT! I've...
Wolfgang Halbig liar scammer

Wolfgang Halbig is arrested will be the next headline that you read.

Wolfgang Halbig breaks the law and files fraudulent police reports.   OK! 16 Questions! 1. Who directed the New Haven FBI field offices to classify the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting on...
Sandy Hook Hoax

Wolfgang Halbig – a slick confidence man from Sorrento, Florida

Since early 2014, Wolfgang Halbig, a slick confidence man from Sorrento, Florida has been seeking to profit off the 26 women and children slaughtered at the Sandy Hook Elementary...

Questions for Wolfgang Halbig

IMPORTANT QUESTIONS for WOLFGANG HALBIG: There are a number of oddities popping up in Wolfgang Halbig's past. 17 important questions MUST be answered.

Wolfgang Halbig: “Marijuana Oil Fixed My Brain”

  SORRENTO, FL -- Former part-time customs agent Wolfgang Halbig, whose bizarre statements and odd behavior have become a cause of widespread concern as of late, made his first public...

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Jason Boss – Hoaxer and Fake Christian

Jason Boss is a grizzly, grizzled, beefcake Brutus type guy. A fake Christian with a booming voice and banging beard. Jason Boss is that guy who once had two meth labs and sold his meth drugs to some of the weakest people on the planet.