Wolfgang Halbig ARRESTED in Sorrento, Florida

January 27, 2020 Lake County Sheriff's Office woke and arrested 73 Wolfgang Halbig in his home at 1:27am. Halbig was released on $5,000 cash bond at 4:52 in the morning, but not before his three now infamous mugshots got snapped off.

Is Caleb Payne esquire a Hoaxer if he is representing a Sandy Hook Hoaxer?

Caleb Payne, Esquire has stated that he believes there were crisis actors present at the Pulse Night Club Shooting.

Wolfgang Halbig: Info About All His Lies

Halbig misrepresents facts to induce people to give him money and he does in fact induce people to give him money.
Kathy Halbig

Wolfgang Halbig was given a FREE HOUSE ** in 2010

$10 for a half Million dollar House?  why is he asking for donations!! https://youtu.be/9P3M830JgpE   Wolfgang Halbig was given a FREE HOUSE in 2010. How do Wolfgang Halbig...

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