Felix Pantaleon Jr.

Felix Pantaleon of New York attacks Sandy Hook Parent Lenny Pozner

Felix Pantaleon of New York is the owner and moderator of a Google Plus harassment community. GOOGLE+ ACCOUNT CREATED TO ATTACK AND TROLL VICTIMS OF HIGH-PROFILE CRIME in Predator Community named...

Glen DeCarle – Manitoba CA

Glen Decarle - HELLWARZ - hoaxer.info  Glen DeCarle, a tech vocational High School burnoutdrugs are badGlen Decarle ConfessionGlen DeCarle is an idiot.Felix wants Lenny to Sue Glenn 

Jeniffer Morrell of Kings Park NY is a Predator Troll.

  Jeniffer Morrell of Kings Park NY is Predator Troll.  Spending her days and nights defaming and harassing people on the internet. Jeniffer Morrell does not have a job and lives with her...

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Felix Pantaleon, Jr. VIOLATES Protection Order, Recruits Ex-Convict to Troll Sandy...

YouTube Channel owned and operated by New York Yankees "INSIDER" continues to BLINDSIDE parent who lost son in shooting tragedy.