Elena Nannoshi Gets a Sick Thrill from Pretending Sandy Hook Never Happened

"I Love a Great Tail (Conspiracy!)" - NAN-NO-SHI Did NOT Just Say That! RUSSIAN SWIMMER/HOAXER WORKS AS TEACHER/INSTRUCTOR PRIMARILY WITH CHILDREN Alright, I have a huge issue with this company....
Dutchsinse: Sandy Hook Hoaxer and fake earthquake science

Michael Yuri Janitch is DUTCHSINSE

Michael Yuri Janitch is a Hoaxer who scams people out of money online as personality Dutchsinse. Dutchsinse (Michael Yuri Janitch) builds his audience as a "False Flagger" then changes Channel...
Harry Abner (Covington, Kentucky) is John Doe

HARRY ABNER (Covington, Kentucky) Behind Child Stalking Account JOHN DOE!

MrDarkZodiak aka Harry Abner attempts to frame The HONR Network with child trolling sock accounts. No other options for Harry Abner, removes himself...


Sandy Hook in Grief, Survivors/Victims of Mass Shooting Crime Constantly Trolled by Leader of the Hoaxers GERMAN PRESS DISCUSSES SANDY HOOK - TOWN/FAMILIES IN CONNECTICUT STALKED BY HOAX LEADER WOLFGANG...
Kathy Halbig

Wolfgang Halbig was given a FREE HOUSE ** in 2010

$10 for a half Million dollar House?  why is he asking for donations!!   Wolfgang Halbig was given a FREE HOUSE in 2010. How do Wolfgang Halbig and Kathy Halbig get a $500,000...
thexombiekiller is Christopher Sebastian Bently

Christopher Sebastian Bently from Livermore California is thexombiekiller – Predator Troll

Christopher Sebastian Bently is thexombiekiller - a Predator Troll...
Sandy Hook Hoax

Wolfgang Halbig – a slick confidence man from Sorrento, Florida

Since early 2014, Wolfgang Halbig, a slick confidence man from Sorrento, Florida has been seeking to profit off the 26 women and children slaughtered at the Sandy Hook Elementary...

Dr Eowyn of Fellowship of the Minds is Maria Hsia Chang

Retired Professor MARIA HSIA CHANG is Lord of the Rings character Dr. Eowyn "Who" exactly is DR. EOWYN of Dr. Maria Hsia Chang was born in Hong Kong and became...
Andrew Crumbie - FBI - Connecticut Lawyer

Wolfgang Halbig Attorney Linked to FBI

Why is Wolfgang Halbig working with an Attorney who is linked to the FBI? "Hoax of a Lifetime" Hoaxer makes another strange decision. Wolfgang...

Jonathan Reich CAPTURED, Bail REMANDED!

[email protected]! JONATHAN REICH HAS BEEN BROUGHT INTO CUSTODY BY US MARSHALS AND EXTRADITED TO RIKERS ISLAND, NEW YORK. Love -- exciting and new. Come aboard. We're expecting you, Jonathan Reich... And... love...

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